Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Franchise Information

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts FranchiseBecome part of one of the world’s biggest professional martial arts organisations. Join us as an Instructor, Head of Programme or directly own a part of the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Empire as a franchisee.

You’ll join entrepreneurs and instructors who are part of our concept in providing children and adults with answers to the questions which worry them most: how do we stop kids being bullied or tempted into drugs; how do we equip them, and ourselves, with the self-confidence, character and ability to succeed in a competitive world?

Focusing both mind and body to develop life skills is why Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools became the largest Martial Arts franchise in the world. This success is down to hard work, high values and simple principles – built on a commitment to provide the most professional instructor training possible.This is based on developing role models, respect, discipline, better school grades, confidence, self-defence, focus and maintaining a “can do” attitude. Our programmes help students lose weight; improving both their self-respect and physical abilities. They also learn self-defence in a fun, safe environment; providing an alternative to traditionally rigid and repetitive martial arts drills.

The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Franchise system is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Delivering the highest quality martial arts training and student satisfaction is our calling. If you’re willing to work hard and follow our proven system, you can look forward to a great return on your time and investment – either as franchisee or instructor.

For further information please contact us on 1800 201 883, or click here to email us.