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Is It Rude, Is It Mean, Is It Bullying?

Is It Rude, Is It Mean, Is It Bullying?As they say, kids will be kids. And yes, children and teens can be unkind to their peers and feelings get hurt. The problem is when these behaviors become common and target the same person repeatedly. This is when kids being kids...

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Developing a Growth Mindset in a Competitive World

In today’s world competition is everywhere and it often starts at a very young age. It begins as a fun, skill-developing event but can quickly become time-consuming and competitive. While some parents want their children pushed to help them learn the hard lessons of...

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How Martial Arts Help Children learn to Set Goals

Learning to set goals early on in life can be a huge advantage for a child because goal setting is crucial to success in all aspects of life. For instance, for students to excel in school they must set goals. They must come up with clear tasks and the timelines for...

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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Girls

Training martial arts for anyone has a lot of benefits, and for a long time, it has been perceived as an activity that only boys partake in. Apart from taking over the world, little girls have been taking up the challenge of learning martial arts and...

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Martial Arts & Dealing With Bullying

It has been established that children who engage in martial arts are able to navigate through life, and its many challenges better than those who do not. Bullying is one of the life challenges that a child faces as he or she grows up. Bullying is a...

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