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Championship Guide

Congratulations on taking the next step in your martial arts journey by competing in the Matt Fiddes Martial Art Championships.

This guide will help you better understand how our championships work and help you prepare for the day.

About the MF Championships

The MF Championships are a successful event because our main emphasis is on having fun and giving it a go! We have categories for all ages and belt levels, and in the eyes of our MF instructors, everyone who competes is a winner.

All registrations need to be completed and paid online before entries close a week before the event. This enables us to organise numbers in categories and sparring matches.

The Positives of Competing in the MF Championships

  • Progression: The extra training you or your child does will pay off as they progress much faster in their abilities.
  • Handling Pressure: Kids learn to handle pressure and perform, which helps them overcome stress with grace—a key life skill.
  • Confidence: Instructors will motivate competitors to perform well, further building their self-confidence.
  • Perseverance: Students learn how to overcome disappointments, persevere, learn from their mistakes, and not give up.
  • Camaraderie: Competitors and parents alike build a strong camaraderie regardless of their school, fostering sportsmanship.
  • Life Lessons: Children learn that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose—an important life lesson.


Once you have chosen your categories, let your instructor know. Your instructor will help you in class and provide extra training days for those competing. Instructors will also provide positive and constructive feedback to help you improve.

What to Wear and Bring

Competitors can come dressed in Gi pants and MF team Championship shirts or MF shirts. When competing on the floor, a competitor must wear a full Gi top and their belt. For sparring, ensure you have shin and foot protection, gloves, headgear, chest gear, and mouthguards. Male competitors MUST wear a groin guard. All these items can be purchased at the shop: www.mattfiddes.com.au.

What to Expect on the Day

School Owners and Instructors will set up marquees outside the hall for students, parents, and spectators to sit, eat, play, and relax while not competing. Parents and spectators are encouraged to bring chairs or picnic blankets.

As competition time approaches, categories will be called and asked to wait under the Matt Fiddes official marshalling marquee beside the hall. Volunteers will check off students on the lists and do a final call if any students are missing. After the final call, volunteers will usher students to their mats, and spectators will be invited inside the hall to watch from the allocated seating in front of the mats.


The MF Fundraising team will run a canteen offering a variety of food, drinks, and snacks until 3 pm. All proceeds go to help the Aussie Team competing in the International Championships.

EFTPOS facilities are available.


After last year’s success, we have a line of limited-edition stock available at the championships. We will also sell regular MF shop items like chest and groin guards. Please ensure you purchase a mouthguard prior to champs’ day, as it needs to be molded to your teeth.

Categories and Rules

Point Stop Sparring Categories for Juniors and Adults:

Belt Groups

  • White to Orange
  • Green to Blue
  • Red Stripe to Red
  • Deputy Black & Above

Age Groups

  • 7 Years (Boys)
  • 7 Years (Girls)
  • 8-9 Years (Boys)
  • 8-9 Years (Girls)
  • 10-11 Years (Boys)
  • 10-11 Years (Girls)
  • 12-13 Years (Boys)
  • 12-13 Years (Girls)
  • 14-15 Years (Boys)
  • 14-15 Years (Girls)
  • 16-17 Years (Men)
  • 16-17 Years (Ladies)
  • 18-30 Years (Men)
  • 18-30 Years (Ladies)
  • Masters 31+ (Men)
  • Masters 31+ (Ladies)

Hand Drills, 10 Kick Combo, Kick Boxing Drill, Forms for Juniors and Adults:

Belt Groups

  • White to Orange
  • Green to Blue
  • Red Stripe to Deputy Black
  • Black & Above

Age Groups

  • 7-9 Years (Mixed)
  • 10-12 Years (Mixed)
  • 13-15 Years (Mixed)
  • 16-17 Years (Mixed)
  • 18+ Years (Mixed)

Mighty Matts ONLY

Hand Drills

  • 3-4 Years (Mixed)
  • 5-6 Years (Mixed)
  • 7+ Years (Mixed)

3 Kick Combo

  • 3-4 Years (Mixed)
  • 5-6 Years (Mixed)
  • 7+ Years (Mixed)

Wave Master

  • 3-4 Years (Mixed)
  • 5-6 Years (Mixed)
  • 7+ Years (Mixed)

Flying Side Kick

  • 3-4 Years (Mixed)
  • 5-6 Years (Mixed)
  • 7+ Years (Mixed)

Sumo (Optional)

  • 3-4 Years (Mixed)
  • 5-6 Years (Mixed)
  • 7+ Years (Mixed)


Mighty Matts Categories

Wave Master

  • Competitors must strike a wave master continuously for 5 to 10 seconds using all attacks (kicks, punches, knees, elbows).

Hand Drill

  • Competitors must perform their belt or one belt below, mirrored by an instructor.

Three Kick Combo

  • Any three curriculum kicks followed by a jab and cross, assisted by an instructor.

Flying Side Kick

  • Competitors will attack a kick shield held by an instructor with a flying sidekick.

Mighty Matt Sumo

  • Start with a sumo stomp and hands-on opponents’ shoulders. Points for pulling both of the opponent’s feet out of the ring or placing any part of the opponent onto the mat. First to 2 points wins. Disqualification for throwing, pinching, charging, sweeping, lifting, or grabbing faceguard.

Matt Fiddes Championships Rules and Regulations


  • Head guards, gloves, feet, shin, chest, and groin guards (Males) are compulsory. Students with any other brand other than MF of safety equipment cannot participate.
  • Missing any required safety equipment means disqualification.
  • Mouthguards must be worn for sparring.
  • MF full official uniform must be worn (white or leadership).


  • Competitors must be quiet while waiting their turn to compete.
  • Minimum bowing requirements: walking onto the mat, acknowledging judges, acknowledging completion of round, walking off mats.
  • Competitors must enter from the front of the mat directly opposite the judges’ table.
  • Disrespect to judges results in removal of all etiquette points (e.g., turning back on judges, verbal or physical abuse).

Point Stop Sparring

  • Each category will be decided by points.
  • Each bout consists of 2 x 1-minute rounds with a 30-second break.
  • A fighter must win by 1 clear point with the first fighter to 7 points being declared the winner. If a fighter does not reach 7 points by the end of the rounds but is ahead, they are the winner.
  • If the bout is tied, it moves to sudden death (time unlimited).

Scoring Points

  • Punch to head/body = 1 point
  • Kick to body = 1 point
  • Kick to head = 2 points
  • Jumping kick to head = 3 points
  • Points are awarded for controlled straight punches/back-fists only. Hooks, uppercuts, and spinning hand techniques are illegal.
  • Contact is allowed using hands and feet only.
  • No contact to face, below the belt, back, or back of the head.
  • No sweeping.

Warnings and Misconduct

  • The referee may give 1 warning for a rule break.
  • On the final warning, 1 point will be added to the opponent’s score.
  • Following this, 1 point will be awarded for every warning.
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Intentional harm results in instant disqualification.


Hand Drills

  • White to Red belt students have 2 attempts at hand drills  – You can perform your Current Belt or the one below.
  • Deputy Belts must perform Hand Drills 11 & 12.
  • For 1st Degrees & above, drills will be chosen by the judges from all 12 hand drills.
  • Mighty Matts will perform their hand drills with assistance if needed.

10 Kick Combo

  • Must include 10 recognisable curriculum kicks, ending with a jab and cross.
  • Technical requirements:
    • Orange and Under: None
    • Green to Blue Stripe: Min 1 Jumping Kick
    • Blue to Deputy Black: Min 1 Jumping Kick and 1 Spinning Kick
    • Black and Above: Min 2 Jumping Kicks and 2 Spinning Kicks


  • Each student will display any form from the Matt Fiddes Curriculum.
  • Students may be asked to perform this several times and will be judged on power, rhythm, application of technique, enthusiasm, and correct technique.

Kick-Boxing Drill

  • Each student will display the following:
    • White and Purple: Kickboxing part 1
    • Yellow belt: Kickboxing part 2
    • Orange belt: Kickboxing part 3
    • Green – Dep. Black: Kickboxing drill in full
  • Judged on power, rhythm, application of technique, enthusiasm, and correct technique.

**** Matt Fiddes Martial Arts reserves the right to alter categories if the numbers are not sufficient for that category. If there are any changes to categories, students will be informed upon registration. **

Remember it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. You are all CHAMPS for giving it a go and stepping outside your comfort zone!